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Proven Results of Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation:

Magnetic stimulation (rTMS) activates resting nerve cells and their oscillatory circuits, promotes the interconnection of nerve cells, synchronizes the brain waves, models the frequency spectrum of the brain and harmonises your nervous system

it has been shown, that rTMS is a great alternative to medication in many patients.

Since we have been helping people to live happier lives for over 19 years now, almost all private health insurances and aid agencies are willing to pay the cost of outpatient rTMS treatment, especially for depression. For all other indications, rTMS is an Off-label-use.

However, there are also isolated case reports that rTMS helps with many other ailments, such as emotional shock, psychogenic movement and gait disorders, psychogenic sensory disorders, psychogenic paralysis. But only in the hands of an experienced therapist this is recommendable.

We have developed particularly effective and proven stimulation protocols through our experience in many diseases for over 20 years.

Special protocols include  unique subthreshold and bi-local stimulation, which are high end of recent research.

Even if other doctors gave up hope in helping you, we will  eagerly make efforts to support your health. 

Yours,  Dr. med. Oliver Seemann 

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